弱虫な炎 (Feeble Flame) by DIRTY OLD MEN


Read the wind
What’s with this place
Where’s the beat of course
Get a grip
It’s natural to waver
If anyone can reach it
There won’t be any meaning
It’s just the beginning
Till the last drop

Trembling from the loss of nerves
With no answer in mind
Moving this feet to the top
A feeble flame has lit up in the heart

Cut the wind
It’s not possible like this
To give up is the same as dying
There’s none at the top
To feel life
Full of freedom
Go, go, move
Till the last drop

Trembling from the loss of nerves
With no answer in mind
Moving this feet to the top
A feeble flame has lit up in the heart

Seems to be broken
The heart has already
Come apart
Even when asking the wind
There’s no answer

The “me” yet to be seen

On top of this chosen path
I’ve already decided on everything
From myself
Not running away anymore

The loss of nerves have disperse
Even if this body is torn apart
I’ll  reach the top faster than anyone
My heart is burning on it own
This groaning feet will surpass the top
Feeble flame




These feel like two very important moments.  Crowley calls Sam the Scarecrow and Dean the Tin Man. 

The Scarecrow was missing his brain, but really he was the smartest one of the bunch, coming up with all of the best plans.  This is Sammy, the bookworm and true Man of Letters.  It can also be a reference to the fact that Sam’s mind is currently being manipulated by Ezekiel. 

The Tin Man was missing his heart but loved everyone so deeply that his own emotional tears caused him to freeze up from rust.  The Tin Man doesn’t think he has a heart but in the end, he finds out he had one all along.  This parallels Dean, who just last week told Ezekiel that he doesn’t ‘do the whole love and…love.’  But in truth, Dean loves the people he is close to fiercely, willing to do just about anything for them (including lie, kill, die and make shady deals).  Dean’s capacity for love is what has broken possession and mind control repeatedly and is what keeps Sam, Kevin, Cas and Charlie (not to mention Jo, Bobby, etc…) drawn to him. 

Later in the episode, Dorothy holds up the head of the Tin Man and says that he didn’t make it.  Yikes!  If the Tin Man is parallel to Dean, could this be foreshadowing?  If we are heading down the path of End!Verse, could this lead to Dean’s death?  

I remember reading this when this episode first aired. It’s interesting coming across this post again, knowing now that Dean didn’t make it through season 9 after all.



They accidentally aired fukin beta version of the episode 3 yah and on twitter it says that they will reair episode 3 with a quality it should have on july 26th so its not the budget problems or animators being sloths so THANK GOD

http://dmmd-anime.com/twitter.php I think they have a link to…